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If what you are looking for is not shown here, please ask for it!  We have a
huge supply of parts and are unable to list them all. Contact: sales@pinball.ro
,,,,,current ebay auctions !!!!!!!!!

Any PCBs from Williams: Sys 11, 11A, 11B Williams: sound, power supply, MPU, PPB, display boards, ALL TESTED.
SYS 11 mpu with the litle 7 segment LED display.Bally ' 90 th, displays left & right 16 digit alpha

sys11 c MPU available ! ,,, Williams sys 6 pcb 1 master display set +4 displays Williams sys 7 Black Knight complete CPU ,sound boards for sys 6,7 ,various motors with or without gearbox

Data East: MPU version 2, version 3, power supply clasic & dot matrix , sound board dot matrix generation.fliptronic 2 & 3 flippers

Data east small display 126 X16 for Hook ,Batman Checkpoint ,TMNT ,ST,,, S

WPC boards available: wpc CPU,fliptronic , WPC power driver board, WPC sound pre DCS ,wpc DCS sound board ! ,display driver ,

Bright USED DMDs 128X32 available and 192 x 64 Sega DMD big display !
Funhouse + BOP complete display board tested
Bally & Stern 6 digit numeric display assy board
Bally 6803 alphanumeric display assy, MPU 6803 board tested ,power supply 6803
Gotlieb sys 1 & 6 digit display assy
Zaccaria: 4 & 6 digit display glass only

Williams 6 digit master display board + 6 digit display + boards

New PINLED 2x16 alphanumeric + extension Taxi & Riverboat Gambler

MPU: AS2518-35 & MPU: AS2518-17 not tested !

Gottlieb: Sys1 MPU not tested, Sys 80 not tested, Sys3: audio analog amp, reg power supply

Please email for other parts & prices and pics, You will receive a very fast answer with all details.