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Price and detailed description available on request: dr.pinball@gmail.com

Playfields or parts from playfields :

Batman DE playfield populated ,( batcave flugenheim right sling left 4 dome plastics sold)
BK 2000, playfields sold , left some under playfield parts+ custom interconnect boards 2pcs
Banzai Run NO PLAYFIELD, has left some under playfield parts + mag coil upper playfield
Blackout williams NO PLAYFIELD, have left :sound boards + plastics + some hardware
Cyclone, ferris wheel assy , stepper motor + spinning disc assy , no playfield, speaker panel
Dr Dude playfield stripped is sold , little triangle playfield + motor is left , some parts left
Eight Ball Champ Bally, NO PLAYFIELD. hardware machinery drop targets ( playfield plastics sold )
Firepower Williams 1980: NO PLAYFIELD, flat playfield plastics only + bumper caps
F 14, playfield stripped + 2 sling plastics sold , rest of the parts are available
Fire playfield populated, some parts missing
Fun House, playfield stripped is left ! and some parts + display speaker panel complete
Genessis partially populated
Getaway coils of ball accelerator , traffic light plastic ,supercharger cover ,,ask for more
Indiana Jones plastic speaker panel it is NOS but is not perfect flat,
Jokertz, playfield stripped is sold some parts left ( no ramps no lift ramp & motor )
Laser War DE playfield water damaged some plastics OK
Last action Hero playfield + some parts
Machine BOP, NO PLAYFIELD some parts only and head + motor ,display assy + panel
Nip It playfield water damaged some plastics OK, the grabber mech is sold !
Operation Thunder, NO PLAYFIELD only some plastics left and some machinery
Pin*bot, stripped playfield, left some plastics & machinery +5 target assy, + original GOOD translite
Police force: NO PLAYFIELD, some plastics + police car motor without gearbox
River Boat Gambler, NO PLAYFIELD, some parts,4 drop target assy ,ask for other parts
Road kings:NO PLAYFIELD, plastics & some hardware only,upper black L shape ramp and Y ramp
Simpsons DE : playfield stripped + red plastic towers sold rest of the parts are available
Special force partially populated, playfield stripped is sold + ball through assy some parts left !!!
Star wars DE a few parts LEFT playfield stripped is sold !
STNG , right cannon exit + 2 pair of optos assy ,,,ask for more
Truck Stop Bally, populated
Time machine DE, stripped playfield SOLD, some parts sold, ramps sold a few plastics left
TMNT , no turtles figures ,stripped playfield is SOLD ! some parts are left
Whirlwind : up/down ramp B-13233 NOS ft