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10 Years aniversary for ENTERTAINMENT ARENA EXPO

Pinball presents :



Entertainment Arena Expo 2012 Pinball Tournament

Entertainment Arena Expo 2012 Main Pinball Tournament

1.Berndt Ion Teodorescu RO
2.Michel Dailly F
3.Bogdan Constantin Ghiga RO
4.Ovidiu Cacina RO
5.Ion Moscu RO
6.Iulia Cacina RO
7.Gabi Molotov RO
8.Adrian Popescu RO
9.Lupu Vlad RO
10.Andrew Luke RO
11.Alex Mandita RO
12.Ana Stoean RO
13.Marius Stoean RO
14.Alex Trifan Mocanu RO

Entertainment Arena Expo 2012 Classic Pinball Tournament

1.Berndt Ion Teodorescu RO
2.Michel Dailly F
3.Ovidiu Cacina RO
4.Ion Moscu RO
5.Bogdan Constantin Ghiga RO
6.Iulia Cacina RO
7.Alex Mandita RO
8.Ana Stoean RO
9.Andrew Luke RO
10.Alex Trifan Mocanu RO
11.Marius Stoean RO
12.Gabi Molotov RO
13.Lupu Vlad RO

12 - 14 september 2012 at Polivalenta Hall Bucharest , first edition. consist of a Classic and a Main tournament

Main Tournament pinballs

Clasic Tournament pinballs
Banzai Run Williams
Road Kings Williams
Rolling Stones Bally 1981
Capersville Bally
BBBB Bally


April 07 2012
IFPA Romania is born first oficial tournament on 20 Mai at Luli Kids Club :




March 12-16 2012
at Enada Rimini Italia was the first presence of romanian players to an oficial pinball tournament were 4 players including me here is the final clasification
1. Daniele Acciari-Italy
2. Adriano Zingarini-Italy
3. Bogdan Constantin Ghiga-Romania
4. Valentino Trerè-Italy
5. Mauro Spiga-Italy
6. Ovidiu Cacina-Romania
7. Enrico Giorgio De Stefani-Italy
8. Matteo Pierobon-Italy
9. Matteo Filippin-Italy
10. Giorgio Pieia-Italy
11. Daniele Pieia-Italy
12. Alessandro Mazzoni-Italy
13. Luke Andrew-Romania resident
14. Fabrizio Galli-Italy
15. Manuel Mazzuccato-Italy
16. Marius Stoean-Romania
17. Alessio Crisantemi-Italy
18. Michele Palanza-Italy

More photos from Rimni here :

World clasification of Romanian players in April 14, 2012 on :
1st Bogdan Constantin Ghiga 1429th 9.57 Spring Pinball Tournament - Italy - 3rd
2nd Ovidiu Cacina 2769th 3.03 Spring Pinball Tournament - Italy - 6th
3rd Luke Andrew 5177th 0.95 Spring Pinball Tournament - Italy - 13th
4th Marius Stoean 6759th 0.47 Spring Pinball Tournament - Italy - 16th

Bogdan Ghiga , Adriano Zingarini,Daniele Acciari, Valentino Trerè

Ovidiu,Daniele Acciari,me,Bogdan Ghiga & Little Luke

with Federico Croci :www.tilt.it


Octomber 2011
Garajul lui Smiley has a new pinball supplied by Doctor Pinball this can be Yours follow the action at : Garajul lui Smiley
From tuesday 25 october the new clip with "No Fear"supplied by doctor Pinball is broadcasted on all chanels during the comercial break .....follow the action at Garajul lui Smiley to gain the real PINBALL PRIZE !

making off :

2011 September 7-9 some pics from EAE expo fifth edition with our event partner Funland Romania location was changed to middle city area, but conditions were worst than to previous events, we were the single amusement exihibitor no sale was performed and the last day was ruined by a massive police investigation simultaneous to many booths of the gambling companies which were suspected to clone Novomatic products .As a conclusion the amusement sector is regressing or put on hold in Romania.


2010 November 1-3 some pics from EAE expo fourth edition with our event partner Funland Romania,our offer was upgraded with NSM wall jukeboxes, Magic Games,more pinballs,redemption games .The main event on this show was selling a vintage machine from NSM Loewen Called Hot Cards manufactured in 1987 to the actual owner of NSM Loewen Prof. Johann F. Graf (owner of Novomatic) for his personal colection.Our booth was also visited by Mr Silviu Prigoana deputy in the Romanian Parliament .Photoplay machines were also present trying to promote a new network game concept for the amusement operators,MAME kits were also displayed.Comparing with previous summer editions more operators were present,nevertheless for our particular retail segment more media coverage is necessary and eventually to put Saturday as last full day for end retail home use & corporate customers.

,,,August 25-27 some pics from 2009 EAE expo third edition,again we have showed also Funworld Austria products with their representant ,Funland Romania is also our traditional partner,this year were more specialised visitors,most of them out of Bucharest,tv media cover was less than 2008,our new release out of pinball domain is the MAME kit plus the arcade console to be played on a 32 inch LCD TV next project is a kit for virtual pinball

,,,,this is a quick view from the Expo we were at the evening news 20 august on the national TV channel TVR 1 which has ended their report with our custom pinball machine as the Show Hit,also on Channel D ,Pro TV has also made a review about the custom pinball,expo partners were Funworld Austria and Funland Romania

april 2008 : graduated the Brunswick mechanic training for GS /GSX

december 22,2007 : Custom graphic designed pinball "Guvernarea Fantastica " has been launched at Funland Bucharest ,picture on home page,machine was customized on a Terminator 2 ,Williams platform,machine is in service to be played by any customer at Funland Bucharest .

june 12,2007 : I am the service and maintenance contractor for the new opened Family Entertainment Center " Funland " in Bucharest , Unirea Shopping Center they have 50 arcade machines among those Judge Dredd and Super Mario Bros.Mushroom World mini size pinball for kids , redemption game also , very rare machine only 519 units have been manufactured the same company has opened also " Funland Sinaia " , at Hotel International here they have 2 pinball's also South Park and Striker Extreme .

end of may 2007: Updated news for this location "Blue Jack the Lamper " the owner has changed and renounced operating pinball , The Shadow was sold as retail machine quickly

april 2007 " The Shadow "was installed in the same location Blue Jack the Lamper " Club , Tudor Vianu street no 4 , Calea Dorobanti area, phone 0765.480608 ...


november 2006 freshly shopped Fun House pinball,installed for play in Bucharest at " Blue Jack the Lamper " Club , Tudor Vianu street no 4 , Calea Dorobanti area, phone 0765.480608 ...

october 2006 : NEW for kids : RGP KIDS HOME PAGE !!! link

september 2005 : Meet the folks at rec.games.pinball on Steve Kulpa's web

Summer Fest - May 28, 2005 at my daughter's school. We set up two pinball machines at their class booth (3B).  "Safecracker" and "Star Wars" provided by Doctor Pinball.  The kids were thrilled with the games but some felt pinball to be too slow... a sign of the times with this "fast" generation of children.



Some parents could nor resist the TEMPTATION !!!!!!!!!!

click on " Dracula " to see him and a short movie about Romania !